11 Jun 2017

Friends and couples all around you get excited as they plan for the big day. The night of nights where Love takes a front seat, everyone HAS to go out for romantic dinners, reminiscing about all the previous romantic dinners… It is Valentine’s Day.

Or as we like to call it in our household: Sunday!

We’re currently in the ‘on’ part of the FIFO cycle, and so yet again, Valentine’s Day goes into the big ol’ bucket of ‘just another day’.

However, while outwardly we will continue with our routine as per normal, how about this year we pledge to shower ourselves in lots of love? How about you turn all that energy you would have spent on planning a romantic evening with your partner (or the energy you would have spent imagining what he might have planned for you) into planning something really lovely for yourself.

Can you take the evening off from your usual Sunday night routine of preparing the house for the coming week? Can you run yourself a bath, with some Epsom salts, some essential oils, maybe even some rose petals? – I know, too much.


Or maybe you can find a meal in the freezer, put on some music and have a dance party with the kids, and afterwards settle in with a nice, quiet glass of wine while you get stuck into that book you’ve been meaning to start for the past couple of months.

Or maybe you can have a movie night, see what’s raving on Netflix, pop some corn and dive into a bowl of m&m’s.

Whatever it is, make sure you celebrate you, and everything you do for everyone else, and make sure you shower yourself in sweet, glorious love.

And here’s a shipment of love from me to you, just to get you warmed up.

Mette xxx