10 Jun 2017

The last 24 months have been incredible for me. I have engaged in so much training and development, and have learned so much that I nearly lost my breath for a while. It has been beyond amazing, and the tools I now have at my disposal are out of this world.

And I want you to know about them so you can benefit too!

First up I want to tell you about Belinda Davidson’s School of Modern Mystic. I hate to throw the phrase ‘Life Changing’ around, but the truth is, this is what this course has been for me. Life changing!!

Belinda often says, “When your chakras are rocking fit, your life just works” – and I have to agree. My life does indeed ‘just work’. The school goes about this by teaching you how to get your chakras healthy and happy in the most down to earth straight forward way. No witchcraft, no incense an, crystals, no woo woo messages, just plain facts and how to’s.

And so for me, while I partially participated in the course in order to serve my clients better, it turned out even more so to be an experience in understanding myself and how my energetic body works.

Most women, and especially those of us who are grass-widowed by our partners’ work tend to have a rather weak Sacral chakra. We are so focused on running a tight ship that we rarely connect with the core of our feminine power. We also tend to store all our hurt, anger, frustration and other negative emotions in the particular part of our energy body that is the Sacral chakra. One can only ponder how that affects our health…

For me, an inactive and unhealthy Sacral chakra resulted in many issues around my libido – HA! Sorry, not sorry ladies, I had to go there for the purpose of this email – and also the need for external validation, not trusting in myself and my abilities and feeling stuck in my life and existence. I also had a very weak Throat chakra, which for me meant not trusting in my voice and my truth among other things.

Working through the course and strengthening my chakras has had an immense impact on not only the struggles above, but so many more. It has helped me go from feeling fragmented and scattered, to feeling a certain kind of whole resting in my knowledge, truth and skills and always rising above what is thrown at me.

Calm at its core meaning of the word indeed!


I could go on for days about what this course has done for me, but I will leave it here. If you would like to know more, then flick me an email and ask away. I would love to answer your questions.

The School of Modern Mystics is about to open its doors for enrollment very soon – within the coming days in fact. Enrollment is only open for two weeks in September and won’t open again for another year. So stay tuned!

If you want to hop over to the School’s website before the doors open, you can register your interest, and you will be first to know when enrollments open. You will also receive a series of videos directly from Belinda, giving you more information about the school.

Next time we catch up, I’ll fill you in on the Beautiful You Academy, which has already opened its doors for 2017.

Until then, much love from me to you.