11 Jun 2017

I recently got to witness Alexi Panos and Preston Smiles connect an entire amphitheatre of around 1000 women. They shared their intimate secrets and made it safe for their audience to do the same, all in the name of removing the bricks in the walls we build up to protect ourselves.

We were tasked with telling the stranger next to us a secret we had never shared before.

It was incredible to watch all these strangers hug and cry in unison as a layer of armour was stripped away.

I got to share secrets with an incredible woman who confided that in the past years, as her friends had started getting married and having babies, that her single and formerly very outgoing self was being shut down and replaced by a quiet, insecure wall flower, because of her social status. As she shared her story with me I could sense the sadness behind her sunglasses and her longing to be loved. I didn’t get to thank her for sharing that intimate part of her personality with me, but I felt so honoured that she would trust me, a complete stranger, with her story.

We discussed the possibility that her experiences and learnings on the day was the first step in her getting back to being herself, and that the love she needs in her life is the love that comes from within.

Hiding behind a wall of fake smiles really serves you no purpose. When you hide all the stuff you’re afraid of feeling and addressing you loose touch with yourself. You become a shell with no purpose. Only by breaking through that wall, that facade, can you connect with your true self and make sense of the life you’re living.

Through the talk I realised just how big an impact keeping those secrets hidden can impact a person. In my 30’s I have become very comfortable with sharing all aspects of my life with those who care to ask. I don’t have taboos, and I see how much my sharing of reflections with my girlfriends really helps them. I’ve got stories from my pre-natal bout of depression, my relationship struggles and especially the woes I experience being a parent, and often people will say, “gosh, I thought I was the only one”.

Struggles and hardship connects us, makes us feel like we belong, so don’t go bottling it up, let it out, remove the armour and start removing the bricks that are blocking you from being the best version of yourself.

What can you share today, with a loved one, that you have never shared before?

Are you willing to share something with me?