11 Jun 2017

For the last couple of years I have been going through a massive self-development, and today I reached a bit of an epiphany.

Yesterday was an incredible day. Created by women for women and consisting of a plethora of sisters ranging from the hardcore super passionate likes of Michelle Bridges and Therese Kerr to the gentle nurturing souls of Alexi Panos and Josie Janz Dawson.

Throughout the entire day I knew there was a message that I was supposed to return home with. One thought that was supposed to resonate with me as the overall theme of the day. A secret to be uncovered.


I saw Kerri Chinner who guided me (and a tent full of women) through a beautiful soul retrieval, and I thought this must be it, here is my message for the day. I listened to Sunita talk about intuition and guiding her listeners to follow theirs. I enjoyed Lola Berry talk about how failure is what really creates momentum for clarity, and the beautiful Alexi Panos and Preston Smiles took the crowd through a powerful exercise of sharing your inner most secret with a complete stranger.

However, none of the messages really pushed my buttons, none of the amazing stuff that was offered to me felt like it was rocking my core and giving me big aha moments.


Reflecting today after the most incredible long weekend I could ever have ever imagined, the last piece of that puzzle finally fell into place.

We were driving home on the boat, it was a calm trip, and for the first time since falling pregnant seven years ago, I was able to sit in my favourite spot, on the front deck, enjoying the wind on my face.

I had my two babies with me, who today also got to enjoy the experience for the first time, and I saw that we can do this from now on! I have reclaimed my ‘spot’, and I can share it with them!

And life felt perfect in that moment, like I had come full circle, through all my shit, and back to me.

I turned around to see if Caleb in the flybridge had a phone on him so he could capture my moment. He didn’t, so I turned back around to continue to soak it in, feeling so full of love and gratitude and appreciation.

And as I turned around again to smile at Caleb he was gone. Had gone downstairs to grab his phone. Something had made him realise the importance of me capturing the moment. Realising our connection, which has grown stronger everyday since I started on my so-called journey, really manifested – completely cemented, that I’m exactly where I need to be.

And then it hit home.

My purpose in this world is to help others get to the same state! To feel that overarching feeling of achievement, of love, of calmness, of being right where they’re meant to be…

Don’t get me wrong, my life isn’t perfect, I still go through darkness. Darkness is necessary to reflect the light, and my development will never end, but right in that moment, everything made sense to me.

I’m honoured to realise that I am now part of the army of kick-arse women, and men, who are currently changing the energy and vibration of this world. We all have the same core message: In order to find your purpose, your goal in this life, your truth and your happiness, you must first find yourself, and be truly unapologetically and authentically you.


This is the core of the divine feminine revolution that is currently taking place, and yes, this here army is taking the message far and wide. We all have our different ways of interpreting and living out the way to achieve this state, but ultimately we’re all here with the same intention, to spread love and light, to be a positive to the worlds current negative, to spread hope to the hopeless and above all, down to earth, unwavering purpose.

So yes, part of my journey has been to train as a Life Coach, and of course I have always known that I want to talk with women, help them reach sustained happiness, work on helping others through their blockages, but today for the first time did I see how my job fits into the rest of this movement, and the importance of what I do.

My job has gone from being ‘something really ingesting and heartwarming’ to my absolute mission, my ‘must do’, my soul’s purpose.

I can’t wait to light the way for you, and to keep increasing the army of light workers on this planet, and enjoy watching the ripple effect of the lights being ignited.

I’m ready for you to come along with me, to also uncover this not-so-secret secret, so contact me to find out more, or simply to ask me about what this could all mean for you.

Mette xx

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