Do you know that feeling…

… when you’re looking down the barrel of a never ending day of tantrums, rushing, tired kids, not enough time and no idea about dinner? Thursdays are like that for me! Especially when Caleb is away.

They start at 6.30 as per normal with me getting myself ready before making Naya’s lunch for school, packing the kids’ bags and feeding everyone breakfast. Then comes the half hour of reminding the kids over and over again to please put their shoes on, shoes on, SHOES ON.

Then off we go, dropping Kai off at day-care, and Naya off at school, and I rush in to work for my workday of trying to cram everything in before it’s time to rush back to school in time for pick-up.

But on Thursdays it doesn’t end there, after school we’re off to Naya’s yoga class, and usually we don’t get to pick Kai up from day-care until 5pm, which is so late for him.

So needless to say, I have two very tired, and often very hungry kids, by the time we get home, and all I feel like doing is collapse on the couch and have my chef serve us dinner.

Except I haven’t got a chef…
Plan B then!

When I’m being really good I will have planned something for dinner in advance, a cook-up from earlier in the week, a dish I can quickly whizz up while entertaining the kids, but sometimes the days leading up to Thursdays just have lent themselves to that level of organising.

So what does one do, when the kids are overtired, fighting, screaming their heads off, and there is no back-up plan for dinner?

Well, on this particular Thursday, the solution turned out to be so simple: Lavender oil in the diffuser!

Lavender, from a quick Google search, encompasses every single property that you would want to bathe your household in. No really, if I could afford it, we would all be lathering that stuff on from morning til night! Not only does it calm and balance the mind, it also guards against infections, heals skin and aching muscles, the benefits are endless.

And so, from the second I turned my diffuser on, the kids just calmed down. They were still disagreeing, but rather than resorting to fighting and screaming they just accepted their differences and carried on playing!?!?!

I also hooked my speakers up to a YouTube meditation track, which further added to the calming ambience.

And with calmness restored, it was an easy decision to make a quick scrambled eggs with spinach leaves, frozen peas, and a little bit of bacon. The kids love it, it only takes a couple of minutes to make, and off they went to bath and early bed (again, thanks lavender!).

And then I was free to give myself some well-earned TLC. Lavender still diffusing, I felt calm and relaxed, I found a frozen meal to chuck in the microwave, made myself a big cup of tea, and sat back and breathed in the calm.

A day like that could have easily ended in the kids fighting non-stop, me running back and forth between the kitchen and the living room trying to mediate and damage control, while burning dinner. Then leading onto the kids not wanting their dinner, more fighting, this time from me trying to get the kids into the bath and then into bed, and basically lots of yelling and screaming and frazzled nerves ending in a complete collapse and feeling of failure by the time I would get to focus on myself.

Instead, by stopping for a moment, and re-assessing the situation, it took a completely different turn, and we ended up with a fantastic outcome.

And now over to you: Have you ever been in a situation that could have gone terribly wrong, but managed to salvage it? Tell me about it in the comments below, I would love to know.