Kind Words

Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

“Mette’s commitment to her own self-development, growth and inner connection is so inspiring. I have seen her take the most simple concepts of kindness, compassion and connection and completely turned her life around – now being able to not only have the life she dreamed of, but guide and inspire other women to do the same.

She is exceptionally hard-working, is committed to her business, and manages to balance it all with her young family and FIFO husband. She is the real deal, and I know will make a huge difference in women’s lives.”

Amy Taylor-Kabbaz – Founder of Happy Mama with Amy, Author, Speaker 

“For my coaching experience with Mette, I truly couldn’t have wished for anything better– the ‘aha’ moments just kept coming and now I feel like the person I’ve been trying to be for years, not just as a mum but as me. This is the most like ‘me’ that I ever remember feeling – I feel aligned, like I fit now. I’m pretty dang happy about that.”

Vicky Hill 
Jo Weldon

“I just loved the sessions with Mette. She is such a beautiful, caring woman.
The sessions were warm and compassionate and Mette really thought about what I needed. I felt she KNEW me by the end and that was such a lovely feeling.”

“In a world full of judgement, it is easy to have moments of darkness or confusion.

I found myself in this place, I had lost direction, felt alone and was struggling to put my trust in people.  I needed to turn to someone who I could trust to assist me to be inspired, lifted and to give me the courage to be myself, Mette was that person for me.

Together with countless cups of teas, a comfortable couch, tears, and laughter Mette helped me find clarity and balance in life. She challenged my comfort zones, embraced my vulnerability and most importantly imparted her unique wisdom so that I can move forward in life with courage and conviction. I will always be grateful for the positive impact Mette has had and continues to have on my life.”

Ali Moore