11 Jun 2017

Just over a year ago I was desperate to get back into training, I’ve been a dancer from I was two years old, but in my thirties I swapped it for yoga and Pilates classes. However, I struggled getting to classes, I was either at work or looking after the kids, and I’d had terrible luck with the crèches at my local training centres.

But when you put an intention out there, the universe will listen, and not long after, Caleb’s cousin came back into my life. Leonie and her husband Craig have been personal trainers for years, but it just so happened that Leonie was looking to add another training session to her schedule, and it just so happened that our schedules matched, and off we went, every Tuesday morning, in a park, next to a playground, Kai in tow. And the group has grown. My body has transformed incredibly ever since. I’ve never been stronger or fitter, and I’ve gone from hating the idea of a boxing class, to prioritising it before anything else.


The message I really want you to get from this though, is that anything is possible. If you dare ask, and then listen, follow your intuition rather than your ego and push yourself just a little beyond your comfort zone, really great things can happen. I just couldn’t see a way back into training. How was I supposed to maintain a proper practise with Caleb working away all the time. I’d already lost a few reliable babysitters from previous attempts. However, I stuck with it, kept thinking there must be something for me out there.

So go ahead, state your wish, what do you really need in your life right now? Think it, feel it, write it down, believe it, see your life as it will be when your wish comes true. Truly manifest it. Then get on with life. And one day, magic will happen in some shape or form.

In the meantime, Wednesday’s and Saturdays are referred to as ‘Leonie Appreciation Days’ as she is never far from my mind, every move I make reminds me.